Make your home bar complete with these essential supplies

1. Garnish stations

Garnish stations are the best way to keep all your condiments fresh, clean and convenient. From lemons and limes to olives, napkins and even toothpicks a garnish station can make a home bar stand out.

A garnish station wiht fruit slices and olives resting on ice

This cocktailer branded chilled garnish station is one of the stand-out stations, made from strong plastic with five large tray slots each sitting above the ice tray and with a hinged lid to help keep your condiments fresh and tasty all day long. Loading up and carrying this to your bar is also made easy with the neat little handles on either end, add the finishing touches to your amazing cocktails with this superb garnish station.

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2. Measured Spirt Pourers

Having measured spirit pourers can make mixing and pouring drinks a dream, they ensure you pour the same amount again and again avoiding overpour or spillage. They can be used on most spirits bottles and simply slide into the top, they can bring a bit of flair to your home bar when pouring those long drinks or exotic cocktails.

A garnish station wiht fruit slices and olives resting on ice

This set of Suprobarware measured spirit pours are made from high-grade plastic and are strong and stain resistant, they come in three colours clear, yellow and red each dispensing 30ml of liquid per quick pour shot.

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3. Personalised Beer Mats

Personalised beer mats create a great talking point for your home bar and can bring an authentic touch.

A Beer Mat with craft beer written on it and pictures of a beer pump and glasses

These personalised beer mats come in different sized sets ranging from 10 mats up to 1000 mats. Perfect for any sized party, these beer mats truly are a great touch to any bar. These can be used for weddings, birthdays and anniversaries as well as your man cave and home bar. Simply Add your own photo/design or pick and customise from our ever-growing range of templates.

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4. Cocktail shakers

With these cocktail shakers you can really add some flair to your drink making.

A Beet Mat with craft beer written on it and pictures of a beer pump and glasses

If you are an at-home drink enthusiast or even a professional bartender, this Cocktail Set is perfect for creating great-tasting drinks. It is also a must-have on any outdoor & home bar for you to create a wide variety of drinks and cocktails. The added strainer allows you to use a variety of products when creating your amazing drinks all strained with ease. This Cocktail shaker not only looks attractive and elegant but has also been designed to last. Made from high-quality stainless steel with a mirror finish, it is guaranteed not to rust or leak and remain on your bar for many years to come!

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5. Wall-mounted Corkscrew

A wall-mounted corkscrew makes opening wine bottles easy.

A wall-mounted corkscrew, made from steel with a wooden handel

The wall-mounted corkscrew was originally designed 75 years ago by Santiago Olaneta, son of the founder, and his design team and you can feel the history in it. The handle is made of beech and the backing of carefully selected medium-density wood. The body is mostly made of Zamak, a resistant material with a base metal of zinc and alloying elements. The worm is a strong milled spiral made of steel. there is a 24 karat gold model!

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6. Glass Rimmers

Glass rimmers are a great way to add some extra style to you cocktails.

A glass rimmer with three seperate rimming sections. salt, sugar and lime juice.

This salt rimmer is made of durable food-grade safe plastic, high quality, comfortable to the touch, wear-resistant, non-toxic, odourless, durable, it's safe for you to use. The Bar glass rimmer is designed with 3 tiers, its independent layer is convenient for you to sprinkle salt, sugar and lime juice, there is also a raised golden font in the middle of the tray, which can easily identify items and avoid mixing. Just dip the edge of an empty cup on the sponge, then dip it in salt or sugar to produce a perfect flavoured rim to your glass great for Margaritas, Bloody Marys and Gimlets. This really creates that authentic touch in any home bar making your cocktails stand out.

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7. Personalised bar runners

A personalised bar runner really gives your bar that extra special touch.

A bar runner with personalised text for the name of the bar.

These bar runners are backed with rubber to stop them from slipping around the bar top and have your custom text printed on the polyester print side making cleaning them simple. Having bar runners keeps your bar top clean and professional looking, it also helps absorb any little spills during the preparation of drinks. And when you're done simply load them in to your dishwasher/glasswahser and they are ready to go the next day!

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8. Bar Caddy

No bar would be complete without a bar caddy

A bar caddy, with four sections for stroing bar top items.

A bar caddy is perfect for use in busy bars and it brings a splash of style to your bar top. The table counter caddy has space for standard-size cocktail napkins, straws, and stirrers and still has compartments left for any other consumables you might need. This is an essential item if you want to keep all your cocktail accessories neat and in one place. The caddy has a place to put napkins, 1 medium and 4 smaller compartments for straws, stirrers or any other cocktail accessory you want.

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9. Ice Bucket

Having an ice bucket makes creating your drinks esay.

An ice bucket with scoop and lid made from stainless steel

With a 2.0L capacity, this ice bucket for a bar is suitable for most drinks to chill and keep them cool during those hot summer days. It is easy to carry and perfect for home bar. The ice bucket comes tongs, it's also insulated and has a lid to keep the ice cool and fresh ready for when it's needed, making this set perfect to add to any home bar. With ice beeing used in many drinks, you will want easy access to ice all the time at your bar and we have found this ice bucket the best at keeping the ice cold and fresh.

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10. Beer tower

A beer tower allows you to have drought beer in your bar without the draught system

A beer tower, filled with ice in the center and tap for pouring.

The beer tower allows you to have cold bee on tap, by adding ice to the centrral cooling column you have cold beer without watering it down. For already chilled drinks you can remover the chiller coloumn and extra drink giving you more beer to dispense. The beer tower is made from food safe plastic and has a very sturdy design with the bottom of it having aditional weight to stop it tipping over on your bar top. The beer tower also has a centeral set of LED's to iluminate your drinks, this makes those exotic cocktails pop.

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