Serving up some of the best drink and snack combinations we could find

Top bar snacks are considered finger foods eaten while standing at the bar. When it comes to serving the best varieties of food, bars go the extra mile to participate in special occasions by offering unique recipes to their customers. This article will discuss top bar snacks and the types of drinks they combine with.

A close up of chicken wings
1. Wings and Beer

There are many great combinations of snacks and drinks, but one that is sure to please everyone is wings and beer. This combination has been around for years and is a timeless classic.

Wings are one of the most popular foods in pubs across the world. They're usually served with ranch or blue cheese dressing, which can be drizzled on top or served on the side.

The traditional wing sauce is hot, but many pubs also offer flavours like spicy garlic sauce and BBQ sauce.

Beer is a beverage that goes well with almost any food.

There are so many different types of beer available today that there's something for everyone's taste buds! From light beers to dark beers and everything in between, there are countless combinations you can try with your pub wings order.

A close up of a plate of nachos with cheese on.
2. Nachos and Beer

Nachos and beer is a classic combination that works well with almost any nacho recipe.

Nachos are just tortilla chips, cheese, and toppings, so it's easy to get creative with different combinations of flavours.

If you're looking for something more unique than basic nachos, try these loaded baked potato nachos.

These are loaded with bacon, sour cream, and chives for an extra kick of flavour. If you want to go further outside the box, try these buffalo chicken nachos from Pinch of Yum. Chicken and blue cheese make this dish anything but boring!

Try using vegetable chips instead if you're looking for something lighter than heavy-duty chips and cheese. This recipe from Delish uses sweet potato chips instead of regular tortilla chips and adds avocado along with some pico de gallo salsa for a healthier twist on traditional nachos.

a close up of buffalo style chicken wings
3. Buffalo Wings and Vodka

Buffalo wings are a popular bar food typically served as an appetizer.

They are made from chicken wings that are deeply fried, then coated with a spicy sauce and topped with blue cheese dressing.

They can be eaten hot or cold but are usually served hot. The spicy buffalo sauce goes well with vodka because both have a strong, bold taste.

The spicy buffalo sauce goes well with vodka because both have a strong, bold taste. Vodka also has a slight sweetness that will complement the mild sweetness of the chicken wings.

Vodka also has a slight sweetness that will complement the mild sweetness of the chicken wings. Vodka also goes well with blue cheese because it has a sharpness that will cut through any fat in the blue cheese dressing on top of the wings. The type of vodka you choose will depend on personal preference.

Some people prefer more subtle flavors, while others want something that packs a punch. If you prefer a more subtle flavor profile, choose potato-based vodkas such as Tito's or Chopin Rye. Try Grey Goose or Ketel One Citroen Premium Orange Flavored Vodka if you want something bolder.

Lots of pretzels with flakes of slat on them
4. Pretzels and Whiskey

Whiskey and pretzels are a classic combination.

You need something that can stand up to its bold flavors, preferably something slightly sweet, so it balances out all those spicy notes.

Pretzels go well with whiskey because they're salty and can stand up to the burn of alcohol.

They also have a unique texture that will help you slow down if you're drinking too fast.

Whiskey is one of the few spirits that doesn't go well with soda or tonic water.

The saltiness of the pretzels complements the smoky sweetness of whiskey, while the bite of the alcohol cuts through the richness of the snack.

fried courgette with ketchup dipping sauce
5. Fried courgette With a Pina Colada

Fried courgette is a classic bar snack.

This snack adds flavor with lemon juice and red pepper flakes, then pairs it with a tropical cocktail.

The fried courgette and pineapple are both sweet, so this drink perfectly matches. The pina colada is creamy and fruity and has just enough alcohol to balance the fried food.

The lime juice in this snack helps to lighten up the heavy fried taste of the courgette.

a bowl of crips
6. Crisps and Tequila

Crisps and tequila are a classic combination that's hard to beat.

With crisps, you have a salty snack that can be eaten quickly, while tequila is a strong drink that can be sipped slowly.

Crisps and tequila go together like peanut butter and jelly, so it only makes sense that these snacks are the perfect companion for your favorite tequila.

Fried potatoes and salty snacks like crips have been staples in bars since they were invented.

These snacks aren't just delicious and cheap and easy to prepare. Plus, they pair well with beer or other alcoholic beverages, so they make great bar food.

Tequila is an alcohol distilled from blue agave plants native to Mexico.

It has a bitter taste and can vary from mild to very strong depending on how long it's aged and how much water has been added during distillation.

Tequila is generally served straight up or as part of mixed drinks.

A close up of some salted popcorn
7. Popcorn and Brandy

The combination is great because they both have a unique taste that isn't found in many other foods and drinks.

Both popcorn and brandy are complex in flavor and provide an interesting canvas for experimentation.

Popcorn has a nutty, buttery, sweet taste that pairs well with the brandy's alcohol content, usually between 40% - 60%.

Brandy is also made from grape products, so it has a similar flavor profile to wine.

Many people enjoy pairing alcoholic beverages with salty snacks because it allows them to experience a fuller range of flavors than they would otherwise enjoy by themselves.

A close up of Quesadilla made with cheese
8. Quesadilla and Gin

Quesadillas are a great snack while drinking, as they are delicious and easy to make.

You can fill your quesadilla with any cheese (or a combination of cheeses), but we love a good cheddar and jalapeno combo.

To complement the spiciness of this quesadilla, we recommend gin.

The juniper berries in gin are great at cutting through spicy foods, so grab a bottle of Bluecoat or Tanqueray for this pairing.

Quesadilla derives from the Spanish word queso (cheese) and the diminutive suffix -illa. Traditional quesadillas are made with a wheat-flour tortilla filled with cheese, dipped in an egg wash, then fried in oil until crispy.

Various fillings can be used for quesadillas, including vegetables, meats, beans, and seafood. Gin is a distilled beverage composed primarily of water and juniper berries (Juniperus communis).

It is one of the main types of alcoholic mixed drinks and was popularized in the early 17th century in England as a herbal tonic called "Mother's ruin."

A plate of Kale Crisps with chilli and salt
9. Kale crisps and white Russian

The combination of kale and vodka is a perfect match.

The spicy and salty kale flavors complement a White Russian's creamy, sweet taste.

This is a great option for anyone who wants to indulge without feeling guilty about it.

Kale crips are also a great alternative to potato chips or other snacks that are high in fat, so they're perfect for those watching their weight or just trying to eat healthier.

A portion of french fries with aioli and cheese topping
10. Fries with aioli and Gin Fizz

The combination of salty and creamy is easy to love,especially when it comes to fries topped with aioli (a garlic-flavored mayonnaise).

This classic drink pairs well with that combo because it's also creamy and boozy.

The gin fizz is made with gin, lemon juice, sugar, and club soda; it's super refreshing and has just enough sweetness to cut through the richness of the fries without overpowering them.

Plus, the bubbles are great for washing down all those crumbs.

Whether at the bar or a barbecue, having the right snack can make all the difference in enjoying yourself. By picking an appropriate snack, you're not only complimenting your drink choice but also sending a subtle message to friends that you've arrived with. So next time you mix it up with drinks, remember to choose the right snack for maximum enjoyment.