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Juniper Fesitval

The Juniper festival is a celebration of all things Gin, held typically in June every year since 2014.

George Cruikshank's engraving of The Gin Shop (1829).
Gin History

Gin is often considered to have one of the most interesting background of all the spirits.

A Gin and Tonic infused with Chilli, lime and coriander in a glass served over ice
Top 10 Gin Recipes

Solid Liquids selection of the top 10 Gin recipes.
A selection of classic and modern Gin and Tonic Recipies hand picked by us here at solid liquids.

Take our online Drinks Quiz

a full pub with a quiz taking place
Drinks Quiz

Test your knowledge of all things drink with our online quiz.

The pub quiz has been a long-held tradition dating back to the 1970s, it was brought to life by Burns and Porter, a British duo who saw an opportunity to turn the humble pub quiz into a business.

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The Top 10 Home bar supplies

A margarita filled with ice and fresh min leafs on a bar top
Our selection of the essential bar supplies

With the rise of home bars over the past few years, solid liquids have put together a list of what we think are the 10 most essential supplies you could need for your home bar.

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The Supermarket Sweep

A super markets shelfs filled with differnet brands of gin
What is the best value supermarket Gin?

We take a tour of the major supermarkets to taste, cost and compare their Gin offerings from Aldi to Waitrose.

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Flavoured Gin

A blackcurrant gin with a glass
We take a tour through flavoured gins?

Take a look at the flavour packed world of flavoured gins.

Flavoured gins are what seems to be a new trend at the moment. It's not the first time new flavours have come up, but it's different from the other times because there is a recipe for success this time.

The Gin offers an elegant and mellow experience, with complex botanical tones that strike a harmonious and rewarding balance. In this article, we will discuss a guide to flavoured Gin.

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